Race and Ethnicity

Upcoming Event: 

The Race and Ethnicity Working Group and the Theory Working Group invite you to be part of our joined discussion on the topic of Race and Culture on Friday February 20th, 2-4pm, in Haines 279. 

For a complete list of the readings, please refer to the Soc 204 page:  https://moodle2.sscnet.ucla.edu/course/view/15W-SOCIOL204-1?section=9. There will be no formal presenter. 


Brief Description of Race and Culture:

Racism has been in retreat in most parts of the world for more than half a century. In the face of the horrors of Nazism, many countries officially rejected racist worldviews and established progressive antiracist legislation. Yet prejudice against individuals and groups can be expressed without reference to the notion of race. Recent scholars have coined the term “cultural racism” to describe and explain new forms of discrimination that emerged in the postwar world. This new racism relies on cultural differences rather than on biological markers of superiority and inferiority. The assembled readings trace the development of the concept of culture in the social sciences throughout the twentieth century in order to address the question to what extent culture can be considered as an equivalent, rather than as a replacement, of race.  


Reading List:

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 The Irene Flecknoe Ross Lecture Series is made possible by a gift from Ray Ross in memory of his wife