Areas of Specialization

Dissertation Title


Marie E. Berry

political sociology, gender, political violence, contentious politics

"From violence to mobilization: War, women and political power in Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and beyond"


Joshua Bloom

Social Movements, Race, Labor, Methodology.

Pathways of Insurgency: Black Liberation Struggle and the Second Reconstruction in the United States, 1945-1975.

Mann and Roy

Patti Donze

Gender, Culture, Media, Theory, Sexuality, Law

Pop Stars and Gender: The Relation of Representation, Promotion, and Listener Preferences to Artist Success


Dwight Davis

Historical and contemporary demography of China; Family; Social stratification; Quantitative research methods; Environmental sociology

Marriage in China: past patterns and future prospects


Faustina DuCros

Race and Ethnicity; Place; Internal Migration; Sociology of Black Communities/Experiences; Sociology of Latina/os; Sociology of Education; Qualitative Methods

"And They All Came from New Orleans":Lousiana Migrants in Los Angeles - Interpretations of Race Place and Identity.

Emigh and Ortiz

Laura Enriquez

Immigration, race/ethnicity, gender, social inequality, social movements

"Participating and Belonging without Papers: Theorizing the Tensions between Incorporation and Exclusion for Undocumented Young Adults"

Ortiz, Saguy, Zhou, Abrego

Jennifer Flashman

Social Stratification, Education, Social Networks, Social Demography, Quantitative Methods

You’ve Got a Friend: Adolescent Friendship Preferences, Dynamics, and Implications for Future Stratification


Nazgol Ghandnoosh

Crime and Punishment, Race and Ethnicity, Urban Sociology, Qualitative Methods

Challenging Mass Incarceration: How Prisoners, their Families, and Advocates Confront Prolonged Punishment


Noah Grand

Culture, Political Sociology, Organization,

Quantitative Methods, Media Interaction, Social Networks

The Emergence of Newsworthiness: Organizational and Interactional Foundations for Inclusion, Exclusion and Inequality in Political News


Kjerstin Gruys

Sociology of Gender; Social Inequality; Work and Occupations; Sociology of the Body; Aesthetic Labor; Qualitative Research Methods; Public Sociology

Properly Attired, Hired or Fired: Aesthetic Labor, Workplace Discrimination and Social Inequality

Saguy, Landecker,Rossman and Panofsky

Wesley Hiers

Comparative Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Nationalism

Political Institutions and Racial Closure: The U.S. in Comparative Perspective, 1600s to 1900s


Elizabeth Joniak

Ethnography, Deviance, Social Control, Interaction, Self and Society, Identity, Criminology, Medical Sociology

“On the Street” and “Of the Street”: The Daily Lives of Unhoused Youth in Hollywood


Nahoko Kameo

Organization theory, Sociology of Science, Economic Sociology; Science and Technology Policy; Academic Entrepreneurship; Qualitative methods.

When the "Market University" Travels: Japanese UniversityBioscientists' Responses to Legal and Institutional Changes in Academic Entrepreneurship


Yana Kucheva

Social Stratification, Housing Demography, Social Policy, Urban Sociology, Quantitative Methods

The Dynamics of Participation in Subsidized Housing Programs in the United States


Tara McKay

Medical Sociology, Sexualities, Organizations, Africa

Competition, Cooperation and Coercion: The Making of Global Health Policy


Noriko Milman

Sociology of Education, Race and Ethnicity, Childhood and Youth, Social Psychology, Qualitative Methods

'Pay Attention!': How Teachers and Students Construct Attentiveness in First Grade Classrooms


Gabriel Nelson

Latin America, sociology of development, Colombia, economic sociology, political sociology, historical sociology

"Colombia's Paper Tiger: The Intersection of Land Reform and Violence"


Hyeyoung Oh

medical sociology, economic sociology (micro), race/ethnicity, qualitative methodology

Your Money or Your Life: How Doctors Learn the Business of Health


Oliver Schilke

Organizations, Economic Sociology, Social Psychology

Organizational identity and resistance to environmental pressures


Sarah Schlabach

Family Demography, Race and Ethnicity, Social Stratification

Understanding the Multiracial Family

Sweeney, Ortiz and Moore

Anup Sheth

Urban Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Political Sociology, Qualitative Methods

Naming LA: Immigration and the Politics of Recognition


Elena Shih

Transnational Social Movements; Gender and Sexuality; Labor in the Global South; Social Policy; East and Southeast Asia; Ethnographic Methods


“Freedom Markets: The Moral and Political Economies of Human Trafficking in China, Thailand and the US”

Lee, Bernstein, Kligman, Roy

Thomas Soehl

International Migration, Comparative Race and Ethnicity, Immigrant Families, Quantitative Methodology

Modes of Difference and Connection: Language and Religion in Migrant Families


Jenjira Yahirun

Social Demography, Sociology of the Family, Aging and the Life Course, International Migration and Immigration, Quantitative Methods

Race, Ethnic and Nativity Differences in Intergenerational Relationships


Sylvia Zamora

Comparative Race and Ethnicity Immigration, Sociology of Latin America, Gender, Qualitative Methods

Transnational Racialization: How Migration Shapes Mexicans' Conceptions of Race in Sending and Receiving Societies