Areas of Specialization

Dissertation Title


Marie E. Berry

Political Sociology, Gender, Political Violence, Contentious Politics

From violence to mobilization: War, women and political power in Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and beyond

Wimmer and Saguy

Gustav Brown


Sociology of Religion, Comparative Ethnicity, Race and Nationalism, Social Movements, Historical Institutionalism

Islamization and Religious Pluralism in Democratizing Indonesia


Patti Donze

Gender, Culture, Media, Theory, Sexuality, Law

Pop Stars and Gender: The Relation of Representation, Promotion, and Listener Preferences to Artist Success


Dwight Davis

Historical and contemporary demography of China; Family; Social stratification; Quantitative research methods; Environmental sociology

Marriage in China: past patterns and future prospects


Jennifer Flashman

Social Stratification, Education, Social Networks, Social Demography, Quantitative Methods

You’ve Got a Friend: Adolescent Friendship Preferences, Dynamics, and Implications for Future Stratification


Noah Grand

Culture, Political Sociology, Organizations, Quantitative Methods, New Media, Social Networks, Identity and Diffusion

The Emergence of Newsworthiness: Organizational and Interactional Foundations for Inclusion, Exclusion and Inequality in Political News


Lianna Hartmour


Medical Sociology, Race/Ethnicity, Families, Gender, Qualitative Methods, Science and Technology

Bloodlines: Kinship, Race, and Medical Infrastructure in Bone Marrow Donation



Marco Antonio Guzman


Political and New Fiscal Sociology, Geopolitics, economic development, empires, comparative and historical methods; Cuba, Taiwan and the Philippines; Japan and the United States.

Imposing Capitalism: Japanese and American Colonialism in Taiwan, the Philippines and Cuba, 1890s-1920s

Mann and Ayala

Liz Kofman

Labor and Employment, Social Stratification, Family Demography, Quantitative Methods

The Hidden Costs of Precarious Employment: Homeleaving, Marriage Timing, and Political Participation among Young Adults


Yana Kucheva

Social Stratification, Housing Demography, Social Policy, Urban Sociology, Quantitative Methods

The Dynamics of Participation in Subsidized Housing Programs in the United States


Rennie Lee

International Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Education, Children of Immigrants, Research Methods and Statistics

Coethnic Community Effects on the Educational Attainment of Immigrant and Native born Children in Europe and North America


Tara McKay

Medical Sociology, Sexualities, Organizations, Africa

Competition, Cooperation and Coercion: The Making of Global Health Policy


Laura Orrico

Ethnography, Urban Sociology, Informal Work, Public Space, Social Organization, Gender, Health, Race & Ethnicity, Immigration

On the Boardwalk: Social Organization of an Informal Marketplace


Pamela Prickett

Urban Sociology, Religion, Poverty, Gender Ethnography, Islam, Race and Culture

The Pious Disadvantaged: Religion and Social Support in the Inner City


Zeynep Ozgen

Political Sociology, Social Movements, Religion, Education, Sociological Theory, Comparative Nationalism, Ethnicity, Comparative-Historical and Ethnographic Methods, Islam and the Middle East

Schooling, Islamization, and Religious Mobilization in Turkey


Shabnam Shenasi Azari

International Migration; Race and Ethnicity; Quantitative Methods; Social Stratification


Ethnic Visibility, Context, and Xenophobia: A European Perspective

Zhou and Brand

Juli Simon Thomas

Stratification, Mobility, Education, Quantative Methods

The Effects of Changes in Parental Jobs, Partnership Statuses, and Residence On Children’s Educational Attainment

Brand and Mare

Xi Song

Social Stratification and Mobility; Demography; Demographic and Quantitative Methodology


Social Stratification in Multiple Generations


Isaac Speer

Political Sociology; Race and Ethnicity; Social Class; Theory; Comparative and Historical Research Methods 

The Causes of Budget Gridlock in California


Michael Stambolis

Culture, Knowledge, Law, Sexualities, Gender, Social Movements, Comparative and Historical Sociology

The Culture of Knowledge: Constructing “Expertise” in Legal Debates on Marriage and Kinship for Same-Sex Couples in France and the United States.


Julia Tomassetti

labor and employment law; contracts; sociology of work; economic sociology; labor relations; political economy; theory

The Legal Construction of Employment and the Re-institutionalization of U.S. Class Relations in the Postindustrial Economy


Danielle Wondra

Family Demography, Gender, Sexualities, Same-Sex Families, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Families of Gay Men and Lesbians: Relationships, Parenting Desires, and Child Well-being

Sweeney and Moore