Faculty in the UCLA Sociology department perform research on a wide variety of subjects which may be of interest to the media.

The faculty listed below have indicated the specialist areas on which they may be consulted:


College - Professor Jennie Brand 

Ethnic Conflict - Professor Andreas Wimmer

Fat Studies - Professor Abigail Saguy

Gender - Professor Abigail Saguy

Immigration - Professor Andreas Wimmer

Inequality - Professor Chris Tilly

Job Displacement - Professor Jennie Brand

Job Quality - Professor Chris Tilly

Labor Relations - Professor Chris Tilly

Race - Professor Darnell Hunt; Professor Mignon Moore

Sexual Harassment - Professor Abigail Saguy

Sexuality - Professor Mignon Moore

Social Media and Networking - Professor Andreas Wimmer


Alternatively, information on individual subfields of research can be found by visiting our faculty page.

Additional information may be obtained through the UCLA Office of Media Relations and Public Outreach at 310-825-2585.