Ph. D., Stanford University

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UCLA Department of Sociology
264 Haines Hall, Box 951551
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1551


Rational Choice, Organizations--Formal/Complex, Science and Technology, Theory

Research Interests

Organizational Theory, Institutional Theory, Social Change, Socio-economics of Information and Knowledge, Social Process (trust, institutional transmission), Emergent Industries, Art and Culture, Database Construction & Accessible Archiving, Learning Algorithms for Knowledge Tracing.

Selected Publications

“The Role of Institutionalization in Cultural Persistence.” American Sociological Review, October 1977, 42: 726-743.

"Production of Trust: Institutional Sources of Economic Structure, 1840-1920," Research in Organizational Behavior, 1986, 8: 53-111.

"Social Networks, Learning, and Flexibility: Sourcing Scientific Knowledge in New Biotechnology Firms.” Organization Science 7 (July/August) 1996:  428-443. (With Julia Porter Liebeskind, Amalya Oliver, and Marilynn B. Brewer)

“The Institutionalization of Institutional Theory.” Pp. 175-190 in Stewart R. Clegg, Cynthia Hardy, and Walter R. Nord, eds., Handbook of Organization Studies.  London, U.K.: Sage Publications, 1996. (With Pamela Tolbert)

"Intellectual Human Capital and the Birth of U.S. Biotechnology Enterprises," American Economic Review, March 1998, 88(1): 290-306. (With Michael R. Darby, and Marilynn B. Brewer)

“Commercializing Knowledge: University Science, Knowledge Capture, and Firm Performance in Biotechnology,” Management Science, January 2002, 48(1): 138-153. (With Michael R. Darby and Jeff Armstrong)

Large public and/or research-use web databases:,,  Published to the web 2007-present (continuing updates and extensions). (With Michael R. Darby)

“Movement of Star Scientists and Engineers and High-Tech Firm Entry,” Annals of Economics and Statistics (Annales d’Economie et Statistique), Issue 115/116, in press 2014. Preprint at, (With Michael R. Darby)

“Defacto and Deeded Intellectual Property: Knowledge-Driven Co-Evolution of Firm Collaboration Boundaries and IPR Strategy,” Annals of Economics and Statistics (Annales d’Economie et Statistique), issue 115/116, in press 2014. Preprint at (With Michael R. Darby)

Working papers and preprints posted at  and

Major Grants

NSF SciSIP and the Kauffman Foundation to support construction of the COMETSandSTARS and COMETS databases [], 2008-2015. (With Michael R. Darby)

NSF NSEC on Nano Connection to Society [], 2005-2011. (With Richard B. Freeman (P.I.), Stephen Barley, Michael R. Darby, and Vivian Weil)

NSF NIRT to construct NanoBank [] and UCLA International Institute grant to extend NanoBank to other countries, 2003-2007. (With Michael R. Darby, Roy Doumani, Jonathan Furner, and Evelyn L. Hu)

UC Industry-University Collaborative Research Program in support of research on the role of UC and other California Universities in the generation and success of the nanotechnolgy industry in California, comparative with other high tech areas of US, 2002-2004. (With Michael R. Darby, James R. Heath, and Evelyn L. Hu)

NIST NIST, UC Systemwide, and California Council on Science and Technology multiple grants onemerging industires with advanced technologies, 1998-2003. (With Michael R. Darby)

NSF Sociology, UC Systemwide, and California Council on Science and Technology multiple grants on intellectual capital in biotechnology, 1988-1998. (With Marilynn B. Brewer and Michael R. Darby)