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Distinguished Professor

D.Phil. Oxford University. Hon.DLitt., McGill University and the University of the Agean

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UCLA Department of Sociology
234 Haines Hall, Box 951551
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1551


Comparative/Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Theory

Research Interests

Author of "The Sources of Social Power" (Vol I, 1986; Vol II, 1993, Vol 3 2012, Vol 4, 2013), covering the history of power in human societies from prehistory to the present. Also two connected two books: "Fascists" (2004), a comparative study of fascists in six European countries; and "The Darkside of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic Cleansing" (2005), a comparative and historical analyiss of murderous cleansing. Now working on a summary and more theoretical Volume of "The Sources of Social Power".

Selected Publications

"Were the Perpetrators of Genocide ‘Ordinary Men’ or ‘Real Nazis’? Results from Fifteen Hundred Biographies", Journal of Genocide and Holocaust Studies, 2000. 

"Democracy and Ethnic War", in T. Barkawi & M. Laffey (eds.), Democracy, Liberalism and War: Rethinking the Democratic Peace Debates. Boulder, Col.: Lynne Rienner. March 2001. 

My major works are The Sources of Social Power, Volume 4: Globalizations, 1945-2011, Cambridge University Press, 2012; The Sources of Social Power, Volume 3:Global Empires and Revolution. Cambridge University Press, 2013; The Sources of Social Power, Volume II: The Rise of Classes and Nation-States, 1760-1914, Cambridge University Press, 1993; and The Sources of Social Power, Volume I: A History of Power from the Beginning to 1760 A.D., Cambridge University Press, 1986.

The Autonomous Power of the State (1984)

The Sources of Social Power, Vol.1, Chapter 1 (1986)

Ruling Class Strategies and Citizenship (1987)

The Sources of Social Power, Vol. II, Chapter 3 (1993)

The Sources of Social Power, Vol. II, Chapter 20 (1993)

Is Globalization Threatening the Rise of the Nation-State (1997)

Were the Perpetrators of Genocide "Ordinary Men" or "Real Nazis"? (2000)

The Crisis of  the Latin American Nation-State (2002)

Incoheret Empire Introduction (2003)

Ethnic Cleansing: Chapter 1 (2004)

An Anatomy of Power (2006)

Reflections on the Sources of Power (2011)

The Sources of Social Power, Vol 3, Introduction

The Sources of Social Power, Vol 3, Chapter 15: Conclusion

The Sources of Social Power, Vol 4, Chapter 1: Globalizations

The Sources of Social Power, Vol 4, Chapter 12: Climate Change

The Sources of Social Power, Vol 4, Chapter 13: Conclusion

The Infrastructural Powers of Authoritarian States in the Arab Spring

The Role of Nationalism in the Two Wars (2013)

 Press for Incoherent Empire




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