Alumni Profile: Amezquita, Hector

Name: Hector Amezquita

Graduation Year: 2007

Major: Sociology and Pre-Med

Current Occupation: Project Manager at Celerity Global Development


Why did you choose Sociology and How do you think it helps you today?

“Just to let you know choosing Sociology didn’t directly lead me to where I am today. There

were many twists and turns up until now. Well, I was a junior transfer so I chose Sociology

because I was going to go to medical school. I was pre-med as well, so I was both north campus

and south campus. I took calculus, biology, and physics, but also sociology classes because they

were interesting to me and allowed me to be a better writer, understand individuals, and gain that

knowledge that is lost when you’re so focused on the sciences.”


What was one of your favorite courses?

“It was with Professor Anderson. It was Sociology of Gender. That really allows you to see the

world in a different way. Especially back then it helped to understand what is a male role, what is

a female role and how do we perceive gender? What are the labels you put on people? It was

very interesting. That one really continued the love I have for the subject.”


What did you do after you after you graduate?

“A lot of people I know who did Sociology become social workers or went into Law. You know

it’s the perfect segway because you develop critical thinking skills and become an excellent

writer. My decision after was to continue pursuing the medical field for another year and then I

shifted over into business marketing. I took business courses at a Junior College. I was able to

use my math background to really understand business and use my knowledge to learn even

more. I was also working at a tutor at that time. They offered me a full time position at my

tutoring job and I took it. I was going to apply to business school, but before that I had the

opportunity to be a part of a start up... We had the full development and the funding, but it didn’t

end up working out. I decided to hang up my hat on that and jump back into something I was

used to which was education. Because I had the knowledge it made it easy to get to where I am

now, Project Manager.”


Were there any opportunities you feel like you should have taken in college?

“Oh absolutely. There were two main ones. Studying abroad because it extends your network

and your mind. Two, taking internships. Anything, you know. If there’s interest, internships are a

big thing to jump on especially if it’s something you may want to pursue in the future. Having

the opportunities there, I wish I would have tried out more internships during my time at



What does a typical day at work look like?

“So, the company I work for establish charter schools. They do all the paperwork for the charter

schools including situating the employees to getting permits for the charter school. I take on

projects as they come through, so I may have to write proposals, make sure buildings are up to

code, oversee that the construction is up to speed. Basically, I take on multiple projects at the

same time. One of the projects I did was organizing the annual non profit gala, which raised

$120,000 from donors- that was one of the cool ones. The biggest one is technology funding, so

they need proposals, accounting, budgets, bills, records, and making sure buildings are up to

code… It’s the same process for every single school.”


Long Term Goals?

It would be great to work on a google team because the teams are so versatile. Long term, I want

to have my own company- a tech/ design company.


What are your hobbies/interests?

I like to do carpentry- so I build crazy desks and bars and stuff like that. That’s an interesting

hobby. I go salsa dancing. Dancing is an interest. I also like playing video games.


Conducted by Bianca Ramirez

UCLA Sociology Class of 2018

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