Alumni Profile: Bucci, Danielle

Name: Danielle Bucci

Graduation Year: 2012

Major/ Minors: Sociology, minor in Spanish Language

 Current occupation and field of work:

Currently, Danielle works at Yahoo with their Learning and Development team. As a Senior Learning Solutions Specialist, she helps create and facilitate training programs, such as the new hire onboarding boot camp, which usually takes place within the first month of an employee’s job. Danielle has also lead sessions regarding display advertising and platform advertising buys, where she gives a run down of industry trends and how YAHOO specifically fits in these trends given the products they offer. In addition, she runs sales effectiveness trainings, coaching for managers, and conducts analyses to measure the successes of these programs.

 Work experience:

Previous to her current role, Danielle worked as a Senior Optimization Strategist for Yahoo. Before that, she worked in digital advertising with the optimization team. She strategized with internal account team members to figure out how to achieve the client’s end goal, such as consumer engagement, brand awareness, etc.


What do you do in a typical day? What problems do you deal with?

“It varies a lot. I usually have one or two projects I’m always working on. One day I could be tasked with creating more content, so I might make a tutorial video to give out to the teams, like a step-by-step documentation guide. Other times I’m prepping for a training program. The work I do is a lot more backend than ‘in the classroom’. Next week, I’m flying out to Oregon for a new hire training, so I’m prepping for that. When I worked in optimization, I only understood how the optimization sector functioned, but now I have an idea of the entire sales organization. I work with a ton of different teams, so it’s a lot more ‘big picture’.


How do you think sociology is connected with your current profession?

“I think Sociology is very easily connected with almost every aspect of my work. When I worked in Ops, I was able to understand current trends of society, especially with the tech world, and see how fast it develops and how people relate and make changes at the same time. With the trainings I manage, I interact more with groups of people, which brings in different perspectives. I have to figure out how people learn and how to train people best. I am able to look at how the individuals of a group perceive the situation and tailor it, so the informational is much more easily absorbed and gives them a reason to listen. Sociology is like the underlying current of my work”.


Why did you choose Sociology as your major?

“I kind of chose it because my mom was a Sociology major at UCLA and she loved it. But during my freshman year, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I was potentially thinking Communication Studies, but I ended up falling in love with my Sociology classes. I remember taking Sociology 1 with Professor Jepson and was instantly enthralled by his passion. Everything in life can connect back to Sociology and I see it play out in the real world all the time: from my time in a sorority to current politics and media. Everyone has a perspective.”


How has Sociology empowered you in your professional and personal life?

“Sociology made me a lot more aware of social patterns, even in the corporate environment. Sometimes I can get frustrated with power dynamics, because it can prevent me from achieving what I want to pursue, but then I realized that this is not just something I’m solely experiencing; it’s a social phenomenon. It allows me to take a step back and understand that these phenomena happen all over the place. Interestingly enough, I feel I have more agency and control in these situations because I am able to understand why things are happening are the way they are.”


What was the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in a Sociology Class?

“The fact there are so many reasons why we do the things we do, because life is socially constructed. But that doesn’t mean it is set in stone. We’re able to use group dynamics to use other theories to create change. While there are things are established in the cultural and political sphere, there are things the can be influenced and changed, especially when things are hard”

 What advice would you give to a Sociology student?

“I would say do Sociology because you love it and whatever comes after will be valuable no matter what. Don’t stress about finding a fitting a career path, but know that sociology will prepare will you anything”.


What are some fun facts about you? What are your hobbies/interests?

“A couple years ago, I became a registered yoga instructor through YogaWorks and now I teach some classes for my co-workers at Yahoo! I also love to travel; I went on a yoga retreat in Bali and I had never met more nicer and kinder hearted people than I did there”.


Any Significant achievements?

“I think becoming a Registered Yoga Instructor was a huge achievement for me!”