Grad Students On The Job Market

Alina Arseniev-Koehler

Areas of Specialization: Computational social science; Cultural sociology theory; Natural language processing (NLP) methods; Stigma, social categorization, and bias; Media; Health

Dissertation Title: Measuring and modeling cultural meaning in language

Advisors: Jacob Foster, Omar Lizardo, Jessica Collett, and Morteza Dehghani


Abraham Calderon

Areas of Specialization: Race and Ethnicity, Leftist Movements, Social Inequality, Social Change, International Migration

Dissertation Title: Cultural Struggle Along the Radical Flank: interrogating contemporary socialist organizing in the United States

Advisors: Vilma Ortiz (UCLA), Dylan Rodriguez (UCR), Marcus Hunter (UCLA), Aliza Luft (UCLA)


Molly Fee


Areas of Specialization: International Migration, Political Sociology, Forced Migration, Refugee Resettlement

Dissertation Title: Resettling Refugees: Social Rights and Incorporation in San Diego, CA and Boise, ID

Advisors: Waldinger (chair), Kligman, Walker, and David FitzGerald (external member)


Zach Griffen


Areas of Specialization: Economic Sociology; Sociology of Knowledge, Science, and Expertise; Cultural Sociology; Comparative Historical Sociology; Social Policy; Sociology of Education; Sociology of Health; Society and Genetics

Dissertation Title: Economizing the Social, or Socializing Economics? Economic Expertise and Social Policy in Education and Healthcare

Advisors: Aaron Panofsky (co-chair), Hannah Landecker (co-chair), Stefan Timmermans, Theodore M. Porter (History), Elizabeth Popp Berman (Organizational Studies, University of Michigan)


Andrew Christopher Herman 

Areas of Specialization: Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, STS, Science of Science, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Computational Social Sciences

Dissertation Title: Sunny with a chance of traffic: Weather forecasting, smart highways, and how governments affect innovation

Advisors: Rebecca Jean Emigh (chair), Jacob G. Foster, Ka-Yuet Liu, Stefan Bargheer (Aarhus Institute for Advanced Studies), Emmanuel Didier (Centre Maurice Halbwachs)


Joel Herrera

Areas of Specialization: Political Sociology, Development, Comparative-historical Sociology

Dissertation Title: State Building and Drug Trafficking in Post-revolutionary Mexico

Advisor: Cesar Ayala


Harleen Kaur


Areas of Specialization: Racism, Nationalism, Empire, Religion, Postcolonial Studies, Identity, Memory, Qualitative Methods

Dissertation Title: Crossroads of Belonging, Safety, and Sovereignty: Sikh Punjabi Negotiations of Statecraft and Racecraft from Colonial Punjab to Imperial United States

Advisors: Karida Brown (Chair), Marcus Anthony Hunter, Cecilia Menjívar, Thu-Huong Nguyen-Vo, & Rupa Marya


Andrew N. Le

Areas of Specialization: International Migration, Political and Environmental Sociology, Political Economy, Work, Organizations, Religion, and Comparative Ethnicity, Race, and Nationalism

Dissertation Title: The Effects of Exit: Contemporary Vietnamese Labor Migration

Advisors: Waldinger (chair), Brubaker, Kligman, Walker and George Dutton


Amanda McArthur

               Areas of Specialization: Medical Sociology, Talk & Interaction in Medicine, Sociology of Diagnosis, Conversation Analysis, Mixed Methods

      Dissertation Title: Resisting the Diagnosis: Medical Authority and the Problem of Legitimacy in US Primary Care

                      Advisors: Heritage (Chair), Stivers, Timmermans, Bird (RAND Health)


Josefina Flores Morales


Areas of Specialization: Latinx sociology; health; social demography; inequality; aging; mortality; life course.

Dissertation Title: Excluded for a Lifetime?: Three Essays on Immigration Status and Health in Childhood, Adulthood, and Older Age

Advisors: Dr. Vilma Ortiz; Dr. Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez; Dr. Ka-Yuet Liu; Dr. Andrés Villarreal


Kyle Nelson


Areas of Specialization: Urban Sociology, Law and Society, Eviction and Housing Policy, and Ethnographic Methods.

Dissertation Title: Litigating the Housing Crisis: Legal Assistance and the Institutional Life of Eviction in Los Angeles

Advisors: Rebecca Jean Emigh (co-chair), Stefan Timmermans (co-chair), Marcus Anthony Hunter, and Michael C. Lens (Urban Planning)


Tala Oszkay

Areas of Specialization: Social Movements, Organizations, Local Politics and Policymaking, Economic Development, Mixed Methods Personal Website

Dissertation Title: Contentions with Sharing: The Local Structures and Politics of a Developing Short-Term Rental Market

Advisors: Edward T. Walker (Chair), Rebecca J. Emigh, Jacob Foster, Paavo Monkkonen (Urban Planning and Public Policy)


Pei Palmgren


Areas of specializationPolitical sociology, international migration, development, global and transnational sociology, Southeast Asia, comparative ethnography and qualitative methods

Dissertation Title: Remaking regimes of labor migration: development, governance, and social reproduction in Thailand

Advisors: Ching Kwan Lee (Chair), Roger Waldinger, Ruben Hernandez-Leon, Eric Sheppard (UCLA Geography)


Debanjan Roychoudhury

Areas of specialization: Urban sociology, race/ethnicity, policing

Dissertation Title: Southside, We Outside: Policing & Placemaking in Historic Jamaica, Queens, New York

Advisors: Marcus Hunter, Karida Brown