Alumni Profile: Robinson, Keith

Name: Keith Robinson

Graduation Year: 1999

Major: Sociology with emphasis on Demography

Current MBA Candidate


Current occupation and field of work:

Currently, Dr. Robinson lectures at UCLA’s department of Sociology, specifically courses on Research Methods and Race/Ethnicity. During summer 2017, he will be a Summer Associate at Analysis Group.  He has advised the largest philanthropic foundations, including W.K. Kellogg, Annie E. Casey, Bill and Melinda Gates on the funding of parental involvement initiatives used in U.S. K-12 schools.


Work experience:

Previous to his current role, Dr. Robinson was an Assistant Professor of Sociology at The University of Texas at Austin for eight years. Dr. Robinson has produced eight research studies using regression modeling to analyze education inequality in the U.S. that were published in top journals (in Sociology and in Education). He has also led the completion of 20 different research projects by undergraduate and graduate students over five-year period, and established progress deadlines and provided performance reviews for each project.


What are your major responsibilities as a professor?

The number one thing is to publish research and that its very clear at a place like this and at Texas”. My line of research was basically you know as researchers we are always trying to figure out the why part of society, the why part of the world , I was trying to figure out why some kids performed better than other in test scores in standardized test scores and that’s a big question because it is tied to social mobility, future employment, life opportunities.


How do you spend your typical week?

The schedule is flexible, there’s a trade off that you make with that because how I spend my week is being overloaded with work because essentially your working on multiple studies at a time, you’re also teaching several classes throughout the week, so there is so 9-5, you always have something to do. All the research studies have different deadlines.


What are the hot issues in research?

Education is always going to be one, because as a nation, we have not figured and health is a new one and I would also say social media and how its changing industries and parental relationships with children.


Do you see this industry changing?

It is changing with respect with issues that companies are coming to consulting firms about, and health is the new market and the issues have become more complex.


Conducted by Jasmine Umanzor

UCLA Sociology Class of 2017