Alumni Profile: Segovia, Mery

Name: Mery Segovia

Graduation year: 2010

Major/Minor: Sociology, minor in Latin American Studies

What has your career path been like?

I had initially intended to go into the music industry; I completed an internship with EMI Capitol Latin and was sure that I wanted to go into the music industry my last year of college. I consider myself lucky; I landed a position as an assistant with the UCLA Fund right after graduation. While there, I learned that I really enjoyed working on email marketing and I wanted to grow that into a career so I took classes to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript and was able to move up to a coordinator position.  


Where do you work now and what do you do?

I'm now working with LMU Undergraduate Admission office as the Assistant Director of Operations, doing their email marketing.  


What's a typical day on the job like for you?

I usually get to work and look at my email marketing calendar to see what emails I need to set up, which are in the testing phase and which are to be sent. I also get a report once a week for our website which shows me which links are broken and if there are any errors that need to be addressed.


What made you choose this line of work over the career you originally thought you’d have in the music industry?

I feel like the career chose me. I fully enjoy it but I feel that everything just landed in it's place, and that having the opportunity to learn new skills while working towards what I thought I wanted to do in the music industry brought me to this completely different career path that I enjoy so much.


Do you still work on your own music projects in your own time / how is music still apart of your life?

No unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to work on other projects, but I do hope to one day be able to work in the entertainment field again -- perhaps in a different capacity using my new skills and career.


How did a degree in sociology prepare or not prepare you for your current line of work?

Sociology is very broad and there are many aspects of it that have helped me along my career, most importantly being able to understand trends and different groups of people.


What was your favorite sociology class and why?

I had two favorite classes: one was Talk and Social Institutions which I enjoyed so much because it really made me notice how different people talk to each other in different settings. Till this day I still remember and notice little details that were pointed out during the class when people are talking to each other. My second favorite class was Self and Society. This class helped me get to know myself better as well as understand other people around me, especially those that are different than I am.


Did you have a least favorite?


Yes, Stats 10 it was not a sociology class but it was pre-requisite and I had a really hard time with it.


How has a degree in sociology helped or not helped in your personal life?

I feel that sociology overall helped fuel my passion to learn about other cultures and societies. I enjoy traveling and learning about other culture's traditions and history and I feel that this came from my degree in sociology.

What would be your advice to sociology major like me who’s graduating but still doesn’t know what field they want to work in?

I would tell them that sociology is very broad and to not feel limited to chose a career path that is clearly marked for sociology majors. A degree in sociology can help just about any career in marketing, publicity or sales, and many more.



Conducted by Gavin Kane

UCLA Sociology Class of 2017


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